Stefani's music has touched my heart and moved my soul. There is no other voice like hers. - Arlene Berry

Stefani's music is enchanting, uplifting and enriching, a journey through time to ancient cultures and traditions. - Rina Daly

Stefani's renditions of Sephardic songs are absolutely haunting. One moment you are transported to the Golden Age of Jewry, the next you are reminded of the bittersweet suffering of love and prejudice in an unforgiving time. - Bob Israel

Listening to her music I find myself in new places, each one with its own sounds and smells and experiences, which somehow feel familiar. Stefani's voice takes me "Home" in the deepest sense of the word. - Eva Nathanson

Stefani's haunting, soulful voice and melodies transport you to another time and place. - Ruth Sharone

Her music ascends to a spiritual level we often dream must exist. Her voice and spirit blend exquisite tones with storytelling, weaving our lives with haunting sounds from our past that help to shape where we are headed. She infused our daughter with a passion for Sephardic music, transferring sounds from one generation to the next. When Stefani sings my heart and mind open. - Carol Burger-Kaye

Stefani's music is an important part of our Spiritual preparations. We are purified as we are reminded that we are all One, that at the deepest levels all music and all prayer and all life flow out of the same Source. - Dov Geller

This morning I put on "Other Voices". With the 1st song I began to weep with love and felt the music flow into my body, into my soul. From weeping to dancing sensually, the songs evoked my being to love myself, love G-d. Harmonies resonated from my throat and my body fluids thawed and flowed releasing pain, receiving love. I am grateful. - Moriyah Colaine



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