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B'Nai Horin - Children of Freedom "Awe"
© 2000. Never Too Late Records

All of these musical offerings were created for prayed live at Bnai Horin - Children of Freedom High Holy Days - Days of Awe Celebrations at the House of the Book, Bdrandeis Bardin Institute, Simi California. They express the deepest prayers of our heart to The One who is the source and force of life, The Once who is always there for us. We are grateful for this privilege, thank you.

Track Listing

01. Calling Us
02. Grace and Compassion
03. Passionate Longing
04. Vows
05. Lessons By the Sea
06. Memories
07. Searching
08. Oaths
09. Blessing of Light
10. The One of Mercy
11. Still Now
12. Promises
13. Song of Peace
14. Song of One
15. Dancing With the Truth