As part of the 2005 World Festival of Sacred Music, the Stefani Valadez Ensemble anchored a wonderful Music Celebration that introduced audience members to the eclectic and diverse range of her artistry. Their performance was truly entertaining and mesmerizing.  The audience appreciated the way she introduced them to Ladino music.We were thrilled to see an audience of 600 people of all ages, from the very youngest children to the older audience members, clapping and dancing to the wonderful music.  It was a memorable experience. On behalf of the Performing Arts Center and Music Academy of Santa Monica College, we would like to thank you for the fantastic concert that we all enjoyed at the Santa Monica Pier on October 1, 2005. We couldn’t have picked a better group to represent the kind of World diversity we intend to bring to our Performing Arts Center.  Their performance was a great success.   We will invite them again!

Adam Philipson - Assistant Director
PACMA (Santa Monica College)

Stefani Valadez performed at my Venue on Nov. 20th, 2005. She and her Band captivated the audience with some of the most beautiful music I've ever heard. People were clapping, crying and calling out for more. I was one of them! Since the show I’ve heard nothing but praise for Stefani and the band. People are asking when I will invite her back. I recommend her for any other venues that present quality world music. I hired Stefani because I’ve had the pleasure of attending numerous concerts over the years that highlighted her tremendous artistry  and breathtaking vocal talent and stylings. She delivered far more excitement and entertainment than any of those who were hearing her for the first  time had ever expected. The band was a virtual who's who of Los Angeles top-drawer musicians, and perfectly complemented Stefani's presence with power, drive, and brilliant rhythmic and melodic subtleties. Viva Stefani Valadez!

Sincerely, Mark
Marc Bachrach PRESENTS

I have had the pleasure to produce concerts featuring Stefani Valadez and her band on several occasions in the last couple of years. Stefani puts on one of the most captivating concerts I have ever seen. Each song seemed like an angel was singing through her speaking in different languages. Her songs gripped the audience and held them tight and the music touched their hearts. Then she broke out into a real upbeat groove and instantly everyone was up dancing like children. I would guarantee that Stefani and her band would blow away any audience you put her in front of.   And, as the producer, the best part is that she is a delight to work with.  Caring, focused, professional and a good listener.  Easy to please.  Can't wait to work with her again.

Warmly, Peggi
Peggi Sturm & Associates
10810 Ayres Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90064 310.470.9390 



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