Other Voices

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Other Voices


World contemporary music with an ancient feel , including Sephardic, Brasilian, Celtic love songs with world musicians, and Middle Eastern percussion, dancable & meditative.


"Ms. Valadez has a haunting voice.The songs are interesting since Ladino or Sephardic music is rarely heard.There is a nice mixture of Portugese and English as well.The accompanying instruments and rhythms in general are new and different.It was interesting to note that Ladino was never a written language but passed from generation to generation.The music is mournful and joyful,and wherever Sephardic Jews went after the Spanish Inquisition they took the music and added the flavor of the country they settled in.,This is a very educational album as well.I would like to know if there are more from this artist."

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Stefani Valadez "Other Voices"
© 1997. Never Too Late Records


01. Mose Salio De Misrayin
02. E' Doce Morrer No Mar
03. Durme
04. Los Bibilicos
05. Estrada Do Sol
06. Ken Es Akeyo De La Meniana
07. E' Precise Perdoar
08. From Clare To Here
09. Once Again...Another Time
10. Mist Covered Mountain
11. Niggun